The Link Between Oversexzation And Body Image Essay

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The link between oversexzation and Body Image
Since the beginning of the 20th century women have undergone Personal body project which have led to negative results of over sexualization and body image. Over the years the negative effect it has on young girls and women in today 's society is clearly seen. We see these negative body images affecting women of different regions of the world due to the fact that the media basically control women by telling them what is beautiful and accepted in today 's society. Due to the image of oversexualization that the media portrays in its artist and public figures it leads to negative body image in young girls and women. Public figures which are always being portrayed as perfect women are over sexuallized and used as an object and not a human being. Young girls who look up to these public figure strive to be like them which later on leads to them being bombarded with negative thoughts about their bodies.
The link between over sexualization and negative body image first began in the 1920’s which was the start of a more free society when it came to women. It all began with the wide and easy availability to get a motorcar which lead to a spread of sexualization and activity for women.It was the time period where everyone was talking about sex and constantly thinking about it. It was also a time were writing took a different toll because of people writing erotic novels that had to do a lot about sex. People got new and more refreshed…

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