The Line Is A Documentary About Poverty Essay

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Reaction Paper-The Line

The Line is a documentary about poverty in America. I really enjoyed The Line because it touched on many of the reasons people live in poverty on a personal level. Each person interviewed came from different socio-economic backgrounds, had different levels of education and lived in both rural and urban areas. When poverty is talked about we tend to focus on people of color and specific urban areas in America. We ignore the fact that mostly white rural areas have large pockets of long-standing poverty and suffer serious social consequences because of hopelessness felt by the people. I found Reverend Julian to be an inspiration, he and others like him are the unsung heroes of America. The fact that he has the kids tell their stories and own their lives is so important. It is easy to forget your worth when society has already written your story and sold it to back to you. Reverend Julian is giving them the ability to not only take back the ownership of their lives, but see how much they have to offer and acknowledge their pain so it can be moved past. I really related because my grandparents were so ashamed of their roots and story, it was rarely spoken about. I made the decision to own who I was and refuse to accept all the stereotypes placed on my people, the Rroma. I grew up hearing the phrase, Prohasar man opre pirende - sa muro djiben semas opre chengende, which translates to, bury me standing up because I have been on my knees my…

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