Bad Feminist Analysis

Gender inequality exists in many parts of society today. Whether it be socially or politically, it occurs in all places and affects everyone. In today 's society we have somehow linked success and power to being a man. In turn, many women who strive for success in any social or political environment, are forced to essentially “act like a man”. Limitations on genders in social and political situations are brought on by society in which women are forced to surrender to objectification, participate in “raunch culture”, and fit into a label.
In many political situations, woman must refrain from speaking out for equality and what they believe is right. In turn, they risk being objectified and accept being treated as unequal to men. Ariel Levy, author
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Women have started to adapt to how they think others, mostly men, want them to act. Women are forced to take part in what Levy refers to as “raunch culture”. Raunch culture pertains to a culture in which women objectify other women along with themselves to gain power. Many media outlets such as tv shows, magazines, radio shows etc. use women who participate in order to promote sex by using their bodies, in order to stray away from the negative ideals put upon them. Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist, brings up society 's ideals of a “good woman” where she says, “Depending on whom you ask, good women bear children and stay home to raise them without complaint. Good women are modest, chaste, pious, submissive” (169). This label that Gay refers to is exactly what women are trying to make disappear. Women participate in raunch culture and promote it to remove the label from themselves and onto other women. When referring to women 's participation in raunch culture, Levy says, “Raunch provides a special opportunity for a woman who wants to prove her mettle. It’s in fashion and it is something that has traditionally appealed exclusively to men and actively offended women, so producing it or participating in it is a way both to flaunt your coolness and to mark yourself as different, tougher, looser, funnier” (246). Levy is explaining that in social environments, …show more content…
In many work environments women are forced to abandon their beliefs and accept objectification in order to gain a higher position. Women and men may perform the same action but are both perceived differently, where in women are more likely to be perceived in a negative light. Today 's society has somehow connected power with being a man. Women now have to “act like to man” and in turn participate in raunch culture to gain the same respect or power. If society were to get rid of raunch culture and stop making the objectification of women an acceptable practice, we would be one major step closer to gender equality. Society must also relieve itself of the labels it puts onto both genders. This pressure compels men to think that they need to objectify women to be accepted and compels women to think they need to accept it and participate in it to

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