The Light Blue Colored Area Is The Lower Section Of The Birds Nest

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The light blue colored area represents the lower section of the Birds Nest. Enhanced recovery wells were added into the Google Earth Pro model to give an idea of how many Class II wells are injecting in the Birds Nest for disposal or enhance recovery. The blue colored dots in Figure 4 represent the enhance recovery wells. Enhance recovery wells inject produced water to help increase the production oil and gas. The produce water results from these wells were not selected because the injected water will not stay in the aquifer or formations permanently. The red colored dots in Figure 4 represent the studied salt water disposal wells. The information and location for these wells was retrieved from the Utah DOGM website, which is publicly available. Six wells were selected to collect additional data regarding the formations in this area and to make sure the depths selected were near accurate.

Figure 4. The Birds Nest Aquifer Area of Study. (Google Earth Pro, 2016)
Figure 5 shows the map of the State of Utah; This map also shows the Uinta Basin with a blue perimeter color. The blue spot inside the Uinta Basin is the Birds Nest, which is also inside the red square. Figure 5 gives an idea on how big this aquifer is compare to the State of Utah. The map shows the aquifer located in the east of Utah and next to the west border of Colorado. The darker blue area inside the Birds Nest in Figure 4 represents the upper section of the Birds Nest. The light blue area in the Birds…

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