The Life of Paul Mccartney Essay

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Sir Paul McCartney 1. The individual I have chosen to do my biography assignment on is Paul McCartney. 2. Paul was born June 18, 1982 in the Anfield section of Liverpool, England; where his family has been for generations. 3. Paul McCartney is a world famous singer-songwriter and musician, most famous as a member of the iconic pop-rock band The Beatles along with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. After The Beatles, he formed, and was the frontman for, the band Wings. 4. Paul McCartney was always regarded as the “the cute Beatle”. He had a baby face and was always very young looking. Paul has always been known for his big, brown eyes and he had, just like the rest of The Beatles, a mop top hairstyle. After The …show more content…
Paul was always characterized by his energy and it seemed to influence his every move. Would The Beatles have had the same success without Paul’s energy and enthusiasm and drive to keep improving? It’s hard to say answer that for sure, but we can say that Paul’s energy definitely influenced him greatly. His energy and drive and that always kept him busy could be a good thing, but it sometimes proved costly as he had a tendency to overextend himself and burn himself out. For example, Paul’s energy was one of the reasons The Beatles broke apart. His differences with the band and especially John Lennon, but Paul’s continuous push to always be on the road and creating new material added extra tension to the already unstable relationship of The Beatles. 10. Throughout his life, Paul made many mistakes; some bigger than others. Many of his mistakes are common mistakes that rock stars make, not that being a rock star can excuse any of his mistakes. Drugs always played a big part in the life of Paul McCartney. The Beatles started taking drugs in Germany to help them stay awake and energetic, but after the band was introduced to marijuana by Bob Dylan the drug changed Paul’s life forever. Paul fell in love with marijuana and he loved the feeling it gave him. He was arrested for possession of the drug multiple times. The most controversial of which

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