The Life Of My Life Essay

1934 Words Nov 26th, 2016 8 Pages
“If Nature isn’t kept healthy, humans won’t survive,” ( This simple issue, which is continually compounded each and every day, it turns out isn’t so simple at all. The evolution of our species seems to have brought us, as a human race, to a place full of entitlement. What we want – we take. Have we become too selfish? Will there be a point where we have taken too much and given too little? When will it become too late to give back? These questions are all too familiar as many of us have asked ourselves similar things throughout our own journey we call life. Over the course of my life, I have tried to learn the very complex balance of give and take; at times seeming to take too much and other times giving all that I have (in turn being spread too thin). In more recent years I have been luckier than some, my journey bringing me back to further my education; in turn deepening my interest in the current state of our planet – in particular our oceans. It seems now more than ever – as we continue to push limits – balance in our world is needed. If even only for us, balance for Nature means everything. Without balance the once rich bio-diverse habitats of our oceans will cease to exist. We continue to actively destroy a food chain system kept in balance by millions of years of evolution.
There are many things contributing to the destruction of our food chain, one of them being over fishing; throwing further off balance the already struggling…

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