The Life Of Emile And On The Education By Jean Jacques Rousseau

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In the book Emile or on the education, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a French philosopher provided a treaty dealing with the art to create perfect good men. Through the life of Emile, a fictive character, the text provides, step-by-step the educational question and how people must be educated in our society.
The question of the education has always been a significant issue in our society. According to the dictionary, education is: “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.“ and “ an enlightening experience.“
Through centuries, governments understood the role of education as a primary factor of success through opportunities and thus the creation of a state’s wealth. Consequently, states use to provide the frame for educating all their citizens and giving them better opportunities. However, the social stratification resulted from the industrial revolution and the rise of capitalism, jeopardizes the role of education as primary dynamic of opportunities.
So, is it still possible for a person to operate a social mobility given the educational factor?
In the USA, the popular belief wants that education is the primary key factor to get opportunities, however, socio-economic factors have progressively pushed out the education factor to a non-significant way of getting opportunities.

In American popular belief, the education is the primary factor of social mobility for a person. Indeed, since centuries, states have understood…

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