The Life Of Dr. Joseph L. White Essay

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Life of Dr. Joseph L. White Dr. Joseph L. White is a very renowned black psychologist. During the progression of black psychology, White took on many roles by being an African American professor, activist, scholar, researcher, consultant, mentor and educator. White ultimately helped build the foundation for what is now known as cross-cultural psychology and multicultural counseling. White was born in 1932 in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is the son of Dorothy Lee and Joseph L. White. While growing up in Minneapolis, he attended Catholic School and Pillsbury Community House programs. Pillsbury Community House, which is now known as Pillsbury United Communities, works with families, individuals, and communities in Minneapolis with undervalued populations. Their goal is to create an environment where these individuals can gain resilience and self-sufficiency (Pillsbury United Communities, 2016). Because of the apparent roles of black men in the 1950’s, White became a waiter after graduating High School. He then moved to California to move in with his Aunt, the Reverend Margaret Brown. During a meeting with his Uncle Bob and His Wife Betty, he was encouraged to achieve something different than what was expected for African Americans during this time. White enrolled in San Francisco State University, where he noticed how some opportunities were opening and some were closed for him, as well as other African American students. These barriers proved to be more of a motivation for him to…

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