The Life Of Clara Barton Essay

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The Life of Clara Barton The organization of American Red Cross has changed lives of those who are in need, by providing emergency assistance throughout the United States and worldwide. Clara Barton has found the organization during her journey in Europe, and she acknowledges the work done by the International Red Cross. Throughout the history, she is one of the many influential people who are recognize for their work in improving health care quality. The work done by her has left a legacy, and she has made a difference to the soldiers that she has saved in the battlefield. Clara Barton uses her bravery to help soldiers in the battlefield, clinical knowledge to lead volunteer nurses to care of the wounded patient and leadership skills to allow American Red Cross to operate on a solid ground today. Clara Barton is born on December 25th, 1821 in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Prior to working in the medical fields, she has held the job as a teacher at both New York and New Jersey and as a copyist in the United States Patent Office. After working for some time, she begins to care for wounded soldiers. She has provided supplies to hospitals and camps, including first-aid supplies. With the kindness she has given, she suffers a physical breakdown, and decides that she needs to take a break and travel to Europe. During her time at Switzerland, she meets the International Committee of Red Cross, and believes she should bring the program into the United States. She devotes her time…

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