The Life Of Alexander The Great Essay examples

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The author of The Life of Alexander the Great, Plutarch, is one of the most famous philosophers in history that also enriched the writing genre of biography. He is known for his biography of famous Greek men and the various morals and virtues they held called Parallel Lives. Plutarch wrote the biography of Alexander nearly 400 years after the leader passed away. Because of the large gap in between Plutarch and Alxander, Plutarch used various anecdotes from other historians like Callithenes, Aristobulus, Chares, Onesicritus, and Cleitarchus to gather additional information in order to write; therefore, this writing is fairly secondary because he used information from events written by past historians. Plutarch originally wrote this biography for personal reasons because his schoolhouse was built next to the “great killing fields” overlooked by the hills of Chaeronea. Initially, The Life of Alexander the Great was for personal, innate use, but the audience that Plutarch caught was mostly described as a general audience; however, the language that was used by Plutarch was, in a way, advanced for the non-educated citizens of Greece, so it is possible that Plutarch’s writing was confined more with the men that took an interest or were involved in politics.

Plutarch begins the biography talking about Alexander’s early life and his father Phillip II, the king of Macedonia, which was the least favorite kingdom of Greece. Phillip’s powerful reign over Macedonia led Alexander…

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