The Life Of Alexander The Great And Arrian 's The Campaign Of Alexander

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Flavius Arrianus Xenophon (c.87 - after 145), also known as Arrian, is well-known as the author of the Book “The Campaigns of Alexander”. Arrian was highly educated as a Greek citizen who born in a wealthy family. He has been famous since the Roman Period (27 BC –) as a philosopher who developed and extended his master Epictetus’ philosophy; a good governor of Roman cities Andalusia and Cappadocia during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian (AD 117-38); a remarkable historian who accomplished many influential historian works such as The Campaigns of Alexander. There are many ancient sources written about the career of Alexander the Great and Arrian’s The Campaign of Alexander is regarded as one of the best sources because he provides an official view of Alexander’s campaign, in which focus on the achievements of Alexander.

According to the introduction of the book, Arrian made use of earlier sources written after Alexander’s death, such as works of Callisthenes, Chares, Onesicritus, Nearchus, Ptolemy, Aristobulus and Cleitarchus as his references to write about historical events that happened more than three centuries ago. However, these available materials wrote in different standpoints, in which are in conflict with each other sometimes. Therefore, it was difficult for later writers like Arrian, to judge the accuracy of these available materials due to the loss of the original records from Alexander 's time. Arrian chose Ptolemy and Aristobulus as his two principal…

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