The Life Cycle Of Earth Essay

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I have always been fascinated about God’s creations and how each one has something to do with the life cycle of earth. Living in the city makes it harder to view the interworking of plants and animals, but my city has built an ecosystem within the city limits for all ages to explore. It has a science center in the middle that provides activities and also is a habitat for some animals. My family and I have attended many demonstrations and seminars at this location so I thought I would use it as the basis of my paper. The ecosystem is regulated but the area is open to any type of wildlife that would like to live there. I thought this would be a great place to reveal the fundamentals of an ecosystem needed for this study.
River Legacy Park is located at the banks of the Trinity River in North Arlington Texas, which is a natural habitat for 400 species of wildlife, 193 species of birds, and 28 species of trees (River Legacy, 2014). There are abiotic elements in this area, including water, shade from trees, and temperature variations that attract many types of wildlife. There is a pond that has a shallow depth in the section attached to the main building so the wild life can utilize it for drinking and cleaning. What I first noticed was that there was enough balance of sunlight and shade over that section of water to allow for the right amount of plant growth. The large amount of trees provides shade over the water which helps in creating home and shelter for fish, turtles, and…

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