The Life And Contributions Of William Shakespeare's Life

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William Shakespeare is known to be one of the most influential artists of all time. His work ranged from plays to sonnets, and all the people loved them all. He wrote about topics consisting of love and passion, which appealed to everyone, whether they are wealthy or among the lower classmen. Shakespeare had a talent for writing these sonnets and plays, and the people found them very amusing. He always knew how to keep a crowd interested and entertained.
Shakespeare 's father was a glove-maker and a highly respected individual, taking place in many public offices. Hs father 's name was John Shakespeare. It is known that John had purchased a house in 1552, adding an additional home to his property, owning up to 3 homes, 2 in Henley Street and
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Similar to John, she could not read or write either. She did have many children, but most of which did not reach to the age of 50.
William had 7 known siblings. Joan was the first child, born in 1558 and died two months later. His other sister, Margaret was born in 1562, and died on 1563, living only one year. Gilbert, his brother was born in 1566, and died 46 years later, living older than his other two siblings. Joan, another sister, lived much longer than the first Joan, being born in 1569 and dying 1646 living an impressing 77 years. Anne was born on 1571, Richard on 1574, and Edmund on 1580.
Although not much is known about his early life, there is much to be said about Shakespeare and his achievements later on in his life. The only known information that historians have on Shakespeare is records from churches/courts, and his sonnets and plays. There are no birth records of Shakespeare, besides the record of being baptized at Holy Trinity Church on April 26, 1564, and that date has come to be known as his date of birth. His hometown was Stratford-upon-Avon in United
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Although this was the case, he did have some stories that majority had comedy and humor in them, which were the ones most people enjoyed to watch. Some of his famous comedies included “All’s Well That Ends Well” which is about a ‘low-birth” woman named Helena who wants to has found her true love but cannot marry since he is a nobleman. Her father had recently passed away, and was a very famous physician who taught Helena most of his cures. When she finds out that the King is sick, she cures him with her father 's knowledge, and she is granted any man, and chooses her love. Hence the title, All’s Well that Ends Well.
Another interesting comedy that Shakespeare wrote was named “The Comedy of Errors”. This play was about two neighboring cities that were in a feud, and a man by the name of Egeon had traded between the two of them, violating a crime. As he was sentenced to be executed, he had told the Duke that he was looking for his children as he was parted from them in a shipwreck. Since Shakespeare enjoys writing about his own life in his plays, he had also made the man 's children twins, similar to his. The story onwards gets very hectic, as there are ex wives, and long lost wives, and different lovers,

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