The Liberal Party Of Canada Essay

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Canadian Political parties are not strictly or permanently based on the political ideologies they are sometime names after. It is true that some begin with the idea of representing a specific ideology, but over time the influence of outside forces and the need to stay relevant in the eyes of the voting population and large organizations, among other things can and often does cause changes and these changes lead to an overall shift in the political parties policy and the founding ideology. The liberal party of Canada and the conservative party are two of the major parties in the country and they both can be used to a degree as examples of how parties shift away from foundations in Canada. The liberal party of Canada is the current leading party of Canada as of the October 2015 election when Justin Trudeau became the Prime Minister. Indeed there is an argument to be made that the platform he ran on and the actions he’s taken so far as pm have largely aligned with what is publicly seen as liberal. However a further look into the ideology of liberalism and the actions of the liberal party as a whole show a more exemplary picture which does not align so strictly. The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada’s main goal and issue is dissimilar from the other parties that strongly oppose the Liberals, the PCs main issue is to spot out all the problems in current government and make reasonable change to it. Their budget plans are more efficient than of those of the NDP, Canadian…

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