The Lgbt Movement Within Africa Essay

1942 Words Nov 12th, 2016 8 Pages
Africa has been publically battling human rights violations and homophobia, both political and culturally, targeted at the LGBT community in Africa. This battle has gained worldwide media coverage and garnered support to help fight confront the contention and contempt felt through the community. In Africa under the apartheid homosexual acts were punishable by death and years within prison. Black lesbians were under a constant threat of being raped and activists were injured and even murdered; as was the case with David Kato. Heightened media coverage allowed for some assistance to spill into Africa organizations, nonetheless it did not always help the situation, as discussed by Ashley Currier discusses the strategies used by local organizations and the social movements they pursued in South Africa and Namibia.
Ashley Currier presents a historical overview of the LGBT movements within Africa. As she develops this historical insight, she discusses those organizations, activists, their actions and the side effects of donors involved within the South Africa and Namibia movements. In particular she looked at the several main organizations and their decisions in regards to if and when they should utilize visibility and/or invisibility tactics. Currier works through explaining the purpose of social movements of these types and how utilizing these different strategies within numerous scenarios and in different areas of the country have differing effects.
Currier works to explain the…

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