Queer African American Women

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Queer African American’s have been limited by the patriarchal society from being visible. United States history has created a negative image on African American woman that has made them oppressed throughout their life. That oppression has made it even harder for Queer African American to find a place in society. Queer African American experience the harshest persecution from women, people of their own race, men, ect. Racism, sexism, and heterosexism are all connected to Queer African American because they have all made them an outsider that is impossible to be accepted into society.
Being accepted into society has many rules that Queer African American woman cannot live up to. “All black women share legacies of being victims of the Atlantic
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The negative stereotype of African American being “sexually aggressive, promiscuous, and lacking moral virtues characteristics of “normal women” (Greene, p. 241-242) add fuel to people’s interpretation on what African American person is and what they are like as woman. African American woman do not share the same characteristics as White woman, and this leads them to continually being discriminated against by society. The negative stereotypes attacking African Woman make it impossible on the ideal on how Queer African woman should be portrayed. African American woman hold onto great virtues and morals that are tied to their ancestors from Africa. “The African American had membership in various tribes and spoke numerous languages as well as having different system of family values, family relations, and tribal customs.” (Greene, p. 242) There ties with their African American heritage have made them the powerful woman they are, which should not be associated with a negative interpretation. U.S society wants woman and especially African American woman to be inferior and not rise up to become …show more content…
“The Black church has been an important institution in the Black community and a potent source in liberation theology, it has been less supportive to its lesbian members.” (Greene, p. 245) The Black churches are pushing a sense of heterosexuality to Queer African American woman that they will never be able to live to. Queer African American woman are constantly reminded when they come to Church, where they are supposed to find a sense of community, that they must engage in sex with other males to find a place within their own community. There is also a prevalence of male dominance in the Black church that has created the homophobia within the church. The male dominance makes an under appreciation for woman, because they push their heterosexual ideals to the congregation. This has made it impossible for Queer African American woman to find a place in society and continues to support an ideal lifestyle that only White people can live up

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