The Lesson By Toni Cade Bambara Essay

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Take a good look around at this country. The country that is supposed to be the best in the world. No other country compares to ours. Our country is all powerful and mighty but are these sayings true? Each time a person talks about his or her country it usually starts off with: “Our…” or “My…” However, no one ever stops to ask himself or herself is this true. America is not the greatest country in the world and there is no evidence supporting it ever was but it use to be.
“This is not much of a democracy if you ask me. Equal chance to pursue happiness means an equal crack at the dough, don’t it?” (Bambara 175) This limes sums up most of the issue with America. The leaders speak of equality but the citizens live separately. “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara is a short story that gives a clear representation of how separate society is. The youth of a black community visiting an expensive toy story for the first time but none of them are able to comprehend why the simplest of toys are as expensive as they are. Yet, alone ask their parents to buy them something that expensive. This took place in the 70s but it hasn’t changed. The gap in economic wealth is still increasing. If nothing changed than a toy that cost $250 then cost $1,568 now. Most would assume that by now anyone can afford that. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be more wrong. Only the rich would be able to afford that without any worries but the middle class and below will have to decide on what bill or item they will…

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