Adele Adkins: The Meaning Behind Her Music

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Singer and songwriter, Adele Adkins was given the nickname, “queen of soul-pop” after releasing her very first album. Idols are sometimes looked at as superheroes. Adele is just a simple human with a super voice! The album was named 19. Listeners who heard the powerful lyrics had fallen in love, obsessed and mesmerized with Adele’s voice. There are no adjectives that can describe her music perfectly. Fans cannot get enough of her music. Although some prefer a different genre of music and does not enjoy her music, Adele has sold over two million copies world-wide. Adele has also been nominated and won over 200 awards for her beautiful music. Adele has powerful meanings behind her songs that is why her music is powerful, listeners can feel and relate to her pain. Adele Adkins was born in Northern London, England on May 5, 1988. Adele was the only child …show more content…
While her last record was labeled as a break-up, this album was considered a make-up. Now the songs in her album isn’t a typical pop album. What is unusual is that her lyrics feels truly confidential. Now in Adele’s album “25” she sings about making up for everything she has done, the people she has hurt, and her worst regrets. In her popular hit called “Hello” in the first five days released the heartbreaking track had over one million views on YouTube. Adele has the magic power to move the society. This is what makes Adele Adkins so incredible, her ability to put actual words into the emotions that the average human carry deep inside but does not have words to describe the way they feel. The ability to share and transcend her true, genuine, and powerful feelings into a lovely song as real as the red blood running in your veins make Adele a genius! Most of the eleven songs were written and performed by Adele and a few others helped with Adele finish

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