Essay about The Legalization Of All Drugs

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I. AGD: Thank You, Good Afternoon. If you don’t mind me asking, how many people here are for the legalization of all drugs? Now take a second to imagine what you could do with one trillion dollars… It sure could fix a lot of problems in the world. Well, according to William Reed, president of the Business Exchange Network in his article, “Time to Repeal the War on Drugs”, one trillion dollars is how much the United States has spent on the War on Drugs since it started in 1970. And it is a failing effort.
II. Audience Benefit Statement: Are you tired of paying ridiculous amounts of taxes? Having your hard-earned money wasted? Maybe it’s time we look for an alternative solution for drug prohibition since the current policy does not seem to be effective means of reducing drug use, which is the main purpose of prohibition in the first place.
III. Credibility Statement: I have personally witnessed the devastating effects drug prohibition has caused for friends and family members. A friend of mine almost died recently due to dirty drugs. The drug prohibition laws put in place to protect my friend, failed to do so.
IV. Proposition Statement: We should all re-evaluate where we stand on legalization of all drugs based on how we would be positively affected by the increased tax revenue and increased safety.


I. We will be positively affected by the increased tax revenue. ***Show Slide***
A. Think about the money involved. As tax payers, our money is currently being wasted…

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