The Legal System Is Solely Based On The U.s. Constitution Essay examples

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The U.S. legal system is solely based on the U.S. Constitution. This document describes the relationship between statutory law and regulatory law, the Federal Register, and the concept of intangible property rights.

Statutory and Federal Law According to the North Dakota Constitution, “The legislative assembly shall enact all laws necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this constitution” (North Dakota Constitution). This is the basis for statutory law in North Dakota and all these statutes can be found in the North Dakota Century Code. The legislative branch is the branch of government that enacts these statutes that describe a direction the legislature wants the government to follow. If any statues passed by the legislature are considered unconstitutional, the judicial branch will review the statute and determine whether it is constitutional or unconstitutional.
Statutes that the legislature passes are guidelines for agencies to follow, while drafting policies. The action of legislature creating statutes is the passing of power onto the executive branch, while still holding the power of the overseeing statutes. The executive branch then takes this power and sets up agencies to create and enforce the policies they create.
Any regulation enacted by the executive branch has to coincide with the statutes. If those regulations do not coincide, the judicial branch can review the policy and determine if the regulation is within the boundaries of the statute and…

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