Essay about The Legal Reality Of Cannabis

705 Words Sep 26th, 2015 3 Pages
Problem to be solved and/or aims.
Men tend to be the majority or most aggressive users of drugs including cannabis. Cannabis is considered one of the few anadromous drugs, and thus should have little gender disparity, this is contradicted as cannabis follows the same trend of male dominance in consumption of, leading to the research into female aversion or their attraction to cannabis use, their reasons for their action, their handling of a gendered drug culture and how characteristics of gender are executed, disputed and revised. Key concepts and theoretical frame. The use of feminist and critical theories to work through their various concepts. The legal reality of cannabis use in Norway and the social stigma of it, even though recreational cannabis use comes with low prevalence and legal ramifications. Both the Norwegian government and the Norwegian population don’t support legalisation of cannabis. Nordic gender equality with its high ranking of such, have been shown to have created ‘egalitarian new man masculinity’ where gender equality is supported; this ideology has been linked with the cannabis culture and users, practically being seen as ‘masculine cool’, as opposed to other alcohol and drug cultures which have been linked to sexism. Restrictions of female use whether self-imposed cultures of ‘issues of self-control, social-control or dependency’, or traditional gender roles causing exclusion to females or labelling females who did challenge gender roles of…

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