Essay on The Legacy Of Willie Jenkins

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Willie Jenkins took off in his solo venture by building a small business in janitorial cleaning around the bases of Ft. Bliss, White Sand Missile Range, Holloman Air Force Base, and the city of El Paso. They also provide services to many large construction and trucking companies. His start-up team was just him. At that time, he was trying to gain experience in cleaning a few homes from the members of his church. Gaining from that experience, he decided it was something he would want to do. He got his new found confidence from his pastor. His pastor was the Founder and President of Dream Makers 99. Dream Makers 99 helps shape people like him into what they really need to be in opening up small businesses. Now, today Freedom Janitorial Services has 11 employees. And if he needs more hands he contracts out to El Paso.

Jenkins came up with Freedom Janitorial Services because he is a veteran both active duty and reserve of the United States of Army of 21 years. When he transitioned to civilian life he couldn’t find jobs anywhere. He found himself at a low point trying to support his family, after being laid off from a major contracting company and then turned down for other jobs because he was overqualified. So, his major goal in opening up his business Freedom Janitorial Services is to work with U.S. military veterans to help them find employment and get re-acclimated to civilian life. The company’s vision is to provide efficient, effective, and economical removal of…

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