The Legacy Of Lincoln Park Essay

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Lincoln Park brought many happy memories during my childhood. Lincoln Park is one of the first few parks built in Los Angeles in the late 1881; John Strother Griffin donated the park. The park is first named East Los Angeles Park and in 1917 the park renamed Lincoln Park. The park is surrounding by the North Mission Street and North Soto Street. There are also different kinds of entertainments and programs that fit all ages of people. Lincoln Park contains a large lake, barbecue pits, playgrounds, picnic tables, baseball field, basketball and tennis courts, skate bowl, hiking trial, recreation center, senior programs and after school programs for the kids. The population in Lincoln Heights is not big, but we can see lots of people in the park during the weekends. Park maintenances are important because keeping clean and safe will encourage people to continue to come and new people will want to cam to the park.
Parks are meant for relaxing and outdoor enjoyment. In my high school years, I was highly devoted to basketball, and my friends and I would always go to Lincoln Park to play. There were usually a lot of people playing basketball and we would have to share courts. I also met a lot of new friends there because of the limited basketball courts. Aside from playing with friends and making new friends, my family and I would also often go to the park and have BBQ parties for fun. We chose Lincoln Park as a place for gathering, because of the environment and the laughter…

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