The Latino Of The United States Essay

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The Latino population in the United States of America is currently rising as we speak. The film titled The Graduates is relevant and relatable to the community I reside in. In recent years specifically between 2000 and 2010, the number of Latinos in the United States has increased by approximately 43 percent. The demographics of my community consist of mostly Latinos. From my experience like others before them, have come to America to seek economic well-being and most importantly a better life for both their children and families.
The American dream has remained the same over the years. One should attend college have a house, two kids, and a degree. But that dream is not always for everyone. President Obama and other leaders have indicated that college should be a goal for every student. I personally believe everyone should strive to attend college. Although I feel college is not meant for everyone. Society makes it seem as that college is the only option a person has after high school. Becoming a tradesman or enrolling in a vocational school is a great alternative to attending a traditional college. Lets face it not everyone is equipped with the necessary means for college. Entrepreneurship is also another alternative to those who choose not to attend college. In fact, some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs Steve Jobs, Bill Gates never earned a college degree.
In the United States its quite common for many immigrant parents to work long hours in order to…

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