The Last Night With Blake Essay

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After last night with Blake, Alina normally would have jumped out of bed the next day with a song in her heart. That was if her mom hadn’t woken her up at seven o’clock in the morning. If clinical studies by adults kept showing teenagers needed sleep, why did adults keeping waking them up so early?
“Come on, Alina.” Her mom strolled into her bedroom. “You have to get up. You’re first class with The Gifted starts at eight o’clock.”
“But I’m tired.”
“Tired because of yesterday, or tired because it’s early?”
“Because it’s early,” she confessed. She couldn’t let her mom think she was still recovering from her earlier exhaustion. Not that she wasn’t, but if she didn’t heal someone for a while she’d be fine. That’s all her mom needed to know.
Pulling the covers from her body, she got out of bed and was startled when she glimpsed in the mirror. Who knew three pounds of hairspray combined with one full night’s rest equaled the worst case of bed head known to man?
She shuffled over to the breakfast bar where her mom was waiting by a bowl of cereal. They’d been at Light Command for less than twenty-four hours and her mom had already become a fixture at her kitchen counter.
“So how was your evening with Blake?” her mom asked as Alina sat down on a stool and started eating.
“Great!” she replied.
“How was his trip coming out here?”
“I don’t know. We didn’t talk about it.”
“How about the Sandhill Light Clan we stayed with in Nebraska. Did he enjoy it...hate it?”
She shrugged. “We didn’t…

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