The Land Of The Free Essay

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The United States has grown to be one of the biggest countries in the world and commonly known as America, “the Land of the Free”. There are people from all over the world that dream of coming to the United States in search of a better future for themselves or for their future generations. I am an immigrant myself, my parents and I traveled to the U.S. in search of a better future, being more my parents say than mine. I was only three years old when I set foot on U.S. soil and my journey began. Learning the history of America, of how we came to be from the very start it is truly fascinating. Reading Sleuthing the Alamo was just a reminder of how of my ancestors were treated by the people that said that they were here to “show us salvation”. Learning about all these “war heroes” and how they helped gain their independence from Mexico was a complete act of selfishness. For all we know Sam Houston could have been a part of …show more content…
A famous historian by the name of, Jose Vasconcelos, once wrote on how Mexicans saw the whites as “monsters who defy the laws of nature”. White settlers had come to take control of this land that did not belong to them, and while trying to claim control of the land they raped and killed innocent women and children. Destroyed hundreds villages filled with innocent people. All these horrible crimes because of dream, a goal, which the United States had; known as Manifest Destiny. This theory or goal destroyed thousands of people’s lives. Led to a devastating historic event known as “The Valley of Tears” where all the Natives were kicked off their lands; imagine being kicked out from a land that was your home, a place where you grew up. All because white settlers wanted to take over this land to complete this goal. It is not like the Native Americans were still savages; they were Natives that grew up Americanized, had or owned their own

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