What Are Native Americans Oppressed

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Native Americans are being oppressed in the United States today due to inhumane treatments throughout history and lack of government action.
The unspoken truth that we never learned in school. The things that the government didn’t want everyone to hear about. The history of the Native Americans is by far one of the most horrifying. As time rolls on Native Americans still live far below the American standard. Some third world countries are better off economic and living wise compared to most Indian reservations. Rates such as suicide, unemployment, poverty, drop out, crime, and drug abuse are all lead by the Native American people. The even scarier thought is that Native Americans only account for 2% of the entire U.S. population (CDC’s Office
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As Spain found the opportunity to expand, they did. In search of new land and wealth, many more voyages and ships were ordered to go find gold and new land. As more exploration occurred, the more the Natives were killed off. According to Dominic Selwood, “By 1900, a people which once represented a hundred percent of America’s population was reduced to a third of one percent”. It has been estimated that there was 3.5 to 8.5 million Native Americans before the Spanish takeover (Selwood). In 1829 American president Andrew Jackson was elected and his mission was to expand the United States and get rid of the Indians. Jackson disobeyed the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and proceeded on with the Trail of Tears. Almost 4,000 out of 15,000 Natives were killed during the march to what is now Oklahoma (Trail of Tears). Theodore Roosevelt is another president that sought to kill off the indigenous people. He sent U.S. military troops out to slaughter tribes of innocent men, women, and children (Katz). At one point in our dark history, Native Americans had “tags” on their heads. This meant that the Natives were being killed for money. What happened to the indigenous people was what most would consider genocide. Throughout 523 years of history, it is clearly shown that the Native Americans were savagely killed off and removed from their land. This further adds to the level of how oppressed the Native people once …show more content…
In the 2013 Census Bureau, there was an estimated 5.2 Native Americans. They accounted for only 2% of the U.S. population (CDC’s Office of Minority Health). Of that population there is a very high unemployment rate. This employment rate of 11% is almost the double the national average which is 6.2% (Peralta). Most Natives are living in third world conditions. There is also alot of overcrowding due to the amount of homeless people living on the reservations. Lack of proper sewer, water supply and other basic utilities is a daily struggle for Native Americans. Most people in the United States takes things like that for granted. Other information to note is the suicide and dropout rates of kids. According to the Aspen Institute, “22% of females and 12% of males reported to have attempted suicide, while 5% had serious thoughts of suicide in the past year”. As for the dropout rates, they are 2 times the national average (Aspen Institute). Many Americans take for granted of jobs, housing, schooling and basic utilities. From the given statistical information, it is clear that Native Americans all living anything but well. This is anything but the American standard. Many Americans take for granted of jobs, housing, schooling and basic

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