Essay on The Land Of Canaan

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The people who settled Sodom were the descendants of Noah’s grandson, Canaan. Was the seed of evil that reached its fullness in Noah’s day before the flood also present in the seed of Ham’s son, Canaan? Is it also possible that Ham’s wife was with child when she entered the ark? If so, perhaps the seed of wickedness from Ham’s wife — like Noah’s wine — was given time to ferment. Whether through that birth or a repetition of demonic unions like those prior to the flood, wickedness would again flourish while God, in His grace, would delay judgment for centuries. But at the time appointed, God’s judgment of Canaan’s descendants would be fulfilled just how Noah prophesied it would. This judgment would even be delayed for an extra forty years because of Israel’s initial refusal to go in and conquer the land the land of Canaan. This caused the Israelites to wander in the desert until that generation died off. Actually, what appeared as a delay was no delay at all but simply God’s grace.
God in His mercy always sends signposts of coming judgment before it happens. Noah preached in his day before the flood (2 Peter 2:5). Lot was a judge in his day (Genesis 19:1). In those intervening forty years while Israel wandered in the desert, even those in the land of Canaan would have plenty opportunity to repent. They certainly would have heard of the miraculous things that were done against Egypt when Moses led the Israelites out into the desert. The Bible clearly says even the Egyptians…

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