The Lamaze Method Is A Labor And Delivery Approach Essay example

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The Lamaze Method The Lamaze method is a labor and delivery approach that focuses on a natural birth experience that allows the woman to listen to her body and her instincts. This method is taught in classes around the world and is widely used. The goal of the Lamaze method is to give the mother tools to be able to effectively cope with the pain, through techniques such as massage, breathing and changing positions often during labor. It is also encouraged that the mother give birth in an upright position, as opposed to lying on her back. Positions such as standing, supported standing, side-lying or squatting promote the natural progression of labor. This method also encourages women to have skin-to-skin contact with their baby immediately after birth, which can encourage the baby to breastfeed early and can be healthy for the mother as well.

Medicated Labor (Epidural) Many women choose to use medication during labor in order to relieve the pain that labor and deliver can bring. The most common medication used during labor is an epidural, which is administered when a woman is in active labor - usually when they are dilated between four and 5 centimeters. In order to administer an epidural, an anesthesiologist inserted a small tube into the woman’s spine and medication is delivered continuously throughout labor, which numbs the woman from the waist down. Because of this, a woman usually isn’t allowed to walk around or move after they have been given an epidural. An…

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