Essay about The Labeling For Gmo Foods

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Have you ever stopped and think what you 're really eating? Has it ever crossed your mind that it can be a GMO? Consumers could think what they’re eating is healthy for them, but they don’t even know what’s inside. Genetically modified organisms are when you take genetic material from one organism or plant and insert that into a DNA of another organism. Creating something that doesn’t occur in nature. Labelling should be required in the food we eat; this is causing health and environment issues.
Some people agree with the requirement of extensive labeling for GMO foods. First, some consumer groups insist that consumers have a right to know what ingredients are included in foods whether GMO crops are used as materials or not: "For the past five years, American consumers have been eating GMOs without their knowledge", and "a whopping 81 percent of Americans want GMOs to be labeled" ("A Consumer 's Right to Know"). If biotechnology supporters say that GMOs are safe, then why don’t they agree to voluntary food labeling? Labeling shows confidence in their product. In the United States is the only other country besides Canada that does not require GMOs to be labeled on the packaging (Label GMOs). This means that we are consuming even more GMOs than we realize. Some foods that we ingest daily that contain GM ingredients are dairy products food additives such as enzymes and flavorings, meat, eggs, honey, and pollen in the air contain traces of GM materials (Smith, “Genetic Roulette”…

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