The Korean War : An Experimental Analysis Essay example

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The Korean War, though has been in the dark for a while, had a significant impact on modern warfare and strategy. Allen Millett touches on the historical significance of the Korean War in “Introduction to the Korean War.” The Korean War brought new challenges and strategies for the Americans. This war was a different from some of the others that America has been involved in. This was what Millett describes as a “People’s War of revolutionary national liberation.” This conflict was surrounded by regional and global conflict due to “power intervention.” Peter Gries et al “Contentious Histories and the Perception of Threat: China, the United States, and the Korean War-An Experimental Analysis,” they explain the importance of modern governmental decisions made by the result of this war. This does a poor job on thoroughly providing details from the war to explain its claim; in my opinion this is what made Millet’s Journal out shine Peter’s. In Millet’s “Introduction to War,” he explains why the Republic of Korea stands as a great example of postcolonial survival. The Republic of Korea and its socialist brethren the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are on their own new nations. Unsurprisingly there is tension upon both these nations, as Millet explains they were both built on “failed traditional society, forty years of Japanese colonialism, the leaching effects of Japan’s wars (1937-1945), and the trauma of political division and revolutionary social change” (Millet).…

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