The Knowledge Of The Teacher Essay

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knowledge of the teacher. Students have been taught to memorize information and concepts in order to prepare for standardized testing as opposed to truly learning to apply ideas. Additionally, students fail to see the relevance and do not connect concepts which will trigger true understanding. Once they lack the ability to understand, student interest and motivation will decrease and send the confidence of the student downward. Over time this will trigger a decrease in classroom success, attendance, motivation, and teacher efficacy.
This means that teachers must understand the skills that are necessary for post-secondary endeavors while simultaneously addressing the problems with student achievement in math, reading, and science. Teachers must create a student-centered approach in the classroom based on constructivist principles, but there has not been adequate professional development opportunities to help teachers understand the weaknesses in the data, how to properly analyze student data, or how to develop student-centered lessons. Leadership must support the growth in teacher capacity by offering time and resources to develop these types of lessons while also offering feedback on the lessons. Additionally, teachers and leaders have not developed professional development to determine effective motivational techniques for students.
Thus, based on the overall data collection at all of the schools, the following school outcomes need to be addressed at all high schools in…

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