Essay on The Knowledge Of Foundations And History Of Nursing

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The knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing provide a context in which to understand current practice in many ways. Firstly, it helps one to appreciate the way nursing has evolved. Nursing started from a humble beginning. From helping the soldiers during the war to current formal different settings not limited to hospitals, home health and nursing homes but the commitment remains.
Secondly, the knowledge of foundations and history of nursing helps us to appreciate the different contributions of various founders of nursing like Florence Nightingale and others. It is worth noting how each of them had a clear vision of how they could improve different aspects of nursing.
Thirdly, this knowledge is key in identifying areas that need improvement like the aspect of safety and treatments to key areas that need not to change like the passion and the commitment to patient care. Nursing is not only about the pay but, it is also about being committed in the care of the patient. Even the research has the patient in mind. The researcher aims at finding the best cure for the patient. The instructor aims at producing the best nurse or clinical manager of care.
There are several trends in nursing practice from the ‘’Nursing Timeline of historical event’’ media piece. To begin with, one of the trend is the emphasis on plan of care so as to deliver care efficiently. This is noted in the way Florence Nightingale noted the need to write notes that the other care givers could…

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