Essay on The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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The Kite Runner is an honest, and touching novel written by Khaled Hosseini that takes place primarily in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is a story of two childhood friends; Amir and Hassan who are separated by the Soviet Invasion of 1979. During the invasion, Amir escapes to California where he becomes a successful writer. Fifteen years after his marriage, he receives a call to return to Kabul where he sets out on the quest to rescue Hassan’s son, Sohrab. Throughout the novel, real life events are explained and brought into detail in the Afghan society. Although the Kite Runner receives much criticism and controversy, Hosseini does a remarkable job of depicting the true culture of Afghanistan through its progression and changes from the 1960’s until late 2001 under Taliban rule.
Khaled Hosseini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1965. His father worked as a diplomat in the Afghan Foreign Ministry and his mother was a teacher at a high school in Kabul. Hosseini’s father was assigned to Iran in 1970 and his whole family followed him and lived in Tehran until the year of 1973. It was also that year that the Afghan government was overthrown by a bloodless coup, leaving the country “vulnerable” and “unstable” (Gale Contextual Encyclopedia of American Literature). In 1976, Hosseini’s father was assigned diplomatic duty in Paris. Hosseini’s family lived there through 1980 when Afghanistan had fallen under communist coups. By the time the family wanted to return to Afghanistan, the country…

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