The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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Eileen Sun & Kristina Huang
Mr. Guimaraes
June 11, 2017

Group Essay After reading The Kite Runner, feeling a lot, it is not pure literary works, it is more political, ethnic, racial, class theme. Although we have thousands and thousands of words but we don't know how to express it. In a word, the story is based on the lower class people under the background of the fate of description, mapping Afghanistan's political unrest, racial discrimination brought grave disaster to the people. In the Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner, Hosseini using kite as a clue to the entire story. The protagonist Amir is the first person talking about the story of his father's server's son Hassan. They both grew up together, and share the same milk.
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Hassan is loyal to Amir, no matter what Amir has done, he always blindly trusts with tolerance. When Amir suffered the bullying of the bad boy, he also came forward for his friends. However, in the depths of Amir's heart is clearly felt that he did not put this low-handed, unsightly Hassan as their friends. This kind of non-balanced relationship of the friendship foreshadowing the betrayal. In Afghanistan, the winter has always been the tradition of flying kites, and in accordance with established practice, those who were shot down the kite can be seen as the winner of the reward, Hassan is a kite expert. At the age of 12, in order to win the trust of his father, Amir and Hassan participated in the Afghan tradition of fighting kite competition. Amir defeated the opponent and became the owner of the last kite flying in the sky. And to win the final victory, but also must be chased by his last cut off the kite. Amir knew he was sure to finish the task, he was happy to wait for Hassan to bring their own spoils of war, but Hassan has not come back, Amir has to go out to find, but in the moment when he met Hassan, he is shocked. The original, catching the kite of the Hassan encountered trouble: being a few have been looking for

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