Essay on The Kite Runner By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Kite Runner follows the story of Amir and his experiences in Afghanistan. The story begins with an unnamed narrator discussing how his life was shaped by his experiences back in Kabul, Afghanistan and recalled about how his childhood friend made him who we was today mainly because an incident that happened to him when he was just 12 years old. Amir flashes back to when he was 12 years old and started to explain his life then and his numerous relationships mainly with his father and his friend Hassan. He reveals that Hassan is Hazara Muslim which was the minority in Afghanistan compared to the majority which was Shi’a Muslim like Amir was. This difference posed a concern because contextually Hazara Muslims were considered to be inferior and below the Shi’a in Afghanistan. Amir feels detached from his father. His father known as Baba was an athletic and successful man who could accomplish anything he had set his mind to. Amir describes him as being very tough and independent in nature which is the exact opposite of Amir who is frail and would rather write stories than play soccer. Amir was always trying to get his father to love him and take pride in his son. One of these efforts to impress him was kite fighting something that Amir really enjoyed and was mildly good at. Amir became obsessed with winning one of the biggest kite fighting tournaments in Kabul in over 25 years because if he won he thought his father would love him more. Amir ended up winning the tournament…

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