Essay on The Kingdoms Of Central Java

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The kingdoms of central Java in the classical and early modern periods are an excellent case study of the general transition to a galactic polity system in Southeast Asia. Although these powerful polities ruled their areas from 1500 to 1800, the roots of these societies can be found in the beginning of the classical period in the 9th century. In Java, an early agrarian Hindu-Buddhist society gave way to the rise of the Kingdom of Majapahit, and later, the Kingdom of Mataram. Through the comparison of these three stages of development in Java, it is clear that broader development of the galactic polity in Southeast Asia began not in the 16th century, but instead in the classical period. The beginning of organized societies in Java began around 700 CE with the Indianization of the region. This process started with the introduction of Hindu-Buddhist religious elements to the area by traders and merchants form India. (Lecture, 9/13/16) The roots of Hindu-Buddhist traditions were so strong that the system remained visible throughout the rise of the Kingdom of Majapahit and after the introduction of Islam during the rule of the Kingdom of Mataram. From 700 CE to 900 CE, the central area of Java became the dominant region on the island. The wealth and power of the region as well as its Hindu-Buddhist religious emphasis could be seen clearly in the building of the Hindu temple of Borobudur and the Buddhist temple of Prambanan. (Ricklefs 31) These monumental works of architecture…

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