The Killing Of An American Journalist Essay

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“Making Choices also means accepting the idea that we are part of a bigger picture. We are not alone in our choices. Our choices affect not only ourselves, but the people around us” (Silverstein). Though it is not often at the forefront of thought, every decision made, even the mundane, can have an effect on the people around and in the community. In the book Scapegoat, Minas journey to write a research paper on the killing of an American journalist forces him to make many decisions. These decisions affect not only him but also his family, friends and community. The journey of Hitler and Minas, from Scapegoat, are very similar because their decisions both affected communities, people who did not want to be affected, and their relationships with women. Both Hitler and Minas affect a wide range of people in their different communities. For instance, Minas was affecting the children of his community from a young age. Sophia Nikolaidou, the author of Scapegoat, states in her book, “His opponent, a nervous little runt, started landing kicks wherever he could. Minas let loose with a backhanded blow that half missed its mark, but the other half got the job done. No one ever picked on him again. It was as if an atypical agreement had been signed that day, a secret contract that gave Minas the right to his refuge” (89). After the choice he made to fight back, it made people fear him. This made his classmates less inclined to become close to him. Similarly Adolf Hitler affected an…

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