The Killing An Innocent Person Essay

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As in the life boat case we are dealing with a situation where killing an innocent person is the only way to prevent many innocent people from dying. In, addition the men who kill parker now that it is wrong, but they insist he is dying and doing what is best for the rest of the crew. Under there circumstance they had no choice but to kill someone out of necessity. Whether guilty or not what action do we judge on whether Dudley or Stephan’s get charged for the murder. The question we ask was it morally right or was this morally wrong. As we think on what extent that someone would kill another person in order to save someone else. Dudley and Stephen were faced with the situation of without food or water. In my opinion I believe that without food and water for several days would make a person go insane and do anything to sustain the benefit of the doubt. There actions played that Parker had no family members to their knowledge, and that Dudley and Stephan’s did have family members they would justify to kill Parker because he was sick and might have died from drinking the sea water. Though if you think Dudley and Stephan’s would have died there family members would not have anyone to support them for financial income. Though there decision may be looked at by other as wrong and unacceptable. Though I still do believe in this situation I would have probably done the same thing. First, Bentham would have looked at this as nobody in society gets a free ride. I would think…

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