Rhetorical Analysis On Robert Harris

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I am writing to you regarding your article about the execution of Robert Harris who murdered two young guys for no reason. In my opinion, Harris deserved to die because he had very aggressive behaviour. Murdering people is not a good thing and he had to die. He didn’t deserve even the life imprisonment because it is very expensive to keep him alive.
I am shocked at your anti-death penalty attitude, demonstrated in your article ‘I see a killer die’. Do you think that Baker family would be pleased with your attitude demonstrated towards the death penalty in your article? The families of murder victims, as well as their victims deserve justice for being killed for no good reason. A normal man doesn’t kill random people on the street. Robert Harris has to die. As the writer of this article, did you consider the
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Why would you sympathise Harris? Before you feel mercy, think about what Harris has done! Harris didn’t feel mercy when he murdered the boys. If you were the victims’ father would you be anti-death penalty? I think you wouldn’t. Did you consider what Mr Baker felt when he arrested the man who murdered his son? In the father’s words you can read furry and pain “I’ve no time for do-gooders who say that he should be spared. Look what he did to my son.”, or even in a paragraph entitled “FURY OF A VICTIM’S FATHER”.
Personally, if I was a victim’s relative I would have no sympathy for Harris because I would know that he is alive in a prison and my son, brother or cousin would be dead and the pain would be there. I would be pleased to go there and see my relative’s killer struggling to death, by the execution in the gas chamber and I think that the TV reporter exaggerated saying that Harris “gurgled and gasped for air as cyanide gas choked the life from him “. The TV reporter also said “that’s not a human way to die”, but there are more horrible ways to die like being shot for no

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