The Key Characteristics And Conceptual Issues About Mass Communication

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to explore and explain what is mass communication. First, this paper will discuss the key characteristics and conceptual issues about mass communication. Second, this paper will discuss the theoretical approach of framing and how that approach relates to the study of mass communication. Third, it will discuss the line of research known as media contractions. Finally, it will discuss the research findings concerning Media Telephony.

Mass Communication According to Trenholm (2008), “ Mass communication is a form of communication through which institutional sources (often refer to as “the media”) address large, diverse audiences whose members are physically separated from one another.” The contact between the source and receiver is indirect because the devices for transmission, storage, and reception of information intervene between them. In the modern society, media is an important social institution of a large segment of the population that reflects and affects their values and behaviors (Trenholm, 2008). The characteristics of media messages are unique in three ways that can be considered as institutional sources, invisible receivers, and interposed channels. Let us start with institutional sources. In the communication contexts, an individual who composes and delivers their own message is the source. When messages are composed by organizations of individuals who are performing specialized functions, this is a mass…

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