The Juvenile Justice System For Therapeutic Counseling Essay

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Ian is an eighteen year old male, referred by the Juvenile Justice system for therapeutic counseling due to his conviction as a sexual offender. As a social worker reading Ian case file, Ian’s case history starts after his mother’s death when he was five-years old. Ian’s sister and her husband moved into the family home to assist Ian’s father with his care. While in the home, Ian’s brother-n-law murdered his 18-month old daughter, Ian’s niece. Ian mistakenly confessed to the crime because he hit his niece earlier with a toy. After an investigation, Ian’s brother-n-law was found guilty, and he is currently serving a 25-year prison term. Ian’s brother-n-law does not correspond with the family, and it was later determined he was on the sex offender’s registry when he moved into the family home. Ian’s sister moved out the family home after the incident, and Ian’s father parented Ian alone.
Ian’s father, David, did not verbally discuss his emotions about the traumatic life events with Ian, but they maintained a close interaction with one another. David provided Ian with a stable home in a safe neighborhood with prestigious schools and recreational activities. David maintains a job with a sustainable income to support the family. The family appeared to maintain homeostasis during the traumatic events surrounding their lives. Ian observed as a model student by teachers and friends until Ian committed a sexual offense.
When Ian was eight-years old, he committed a…

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