The Justification Of War On The Vietnam War And How It Has Been Seen Through A Realist Perspective

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This literature review is designed to examine the justification of war from interpretations of scholarly sources with the intention of highlighting ideas and opinions arising from them. The focus for the review is a case study on the Vietnam War and how it has been seen through a realist perspective. It will discuss the implications of war in terms of power and how these impact on a state’s independence, as well as examining the elements of realism and how they are reflected in association to the events of Vietnam. There is specific attention to the balance of power (Rosato and Schuessler 2011) and how its role is concerned in leading the realist theory. The review also looks at variation on the types of realism. Vietnam has been a highly controversial war and many arguments with realism do little to support the decision to go to war. Today there continues to be conflict over the topic of the Vietnam War, however as will be discussed in the following analysis, there is a mutual agreement where the foundation for this war was not necessary, as it was initially believed to be.

To the realist theory war has been regarded as an element that will occur despite efforts to prevent it. This part of the review will examine how war is justified in terms of the realist theory before leading to discuss the complications with the theory in relation to Vietnam. There are two common themes circulating from the sources illustrating the most important concerns to realism. The first is…

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