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The Journal and Courier newspaper recently featured a political cartoon created by Rick McKee (2015). The cartoon depicted a caricature of Donald Trump holding a trick or treat bag outside of a house in which two GOP elephants are peering fearfully out a window. The caption of the cartoon read, “HE IS STILL OUT THERE! I THOUGHT FOR SURE HE’D BE GONE BY NOW!” While Donald Trump is the only candidate featured in the cartoon, there are many other candidates hoping to receive the ultimate “treat”—the Republican Party Presidential Nomination (McKee, 2015; The Politics and Election Portal 2015). Is there a way, aside from peering in a crystal ball, to determine which candidate has a greater likelihood of receiving the Republican nomination? There are three criteria which I am applying in order to make a supposition on who may receive the Republican nomination—political background, platform position and funding available for campaigning. Applying these criteria, I propose, that while there are numerous strong Republican candidates, Jeb Bush could win the GOP nomination as a result of the competitive advantage he has based on his established political background, his moderate platform which will resonate with the wide range of political ideologies within the Republican Party, and his well-funded campaign “war chest”.
As referenced above the supposition that Jeb Bush has a strong likelihood of receiving the party nomination is based on upon three criteria, the first being…

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