The Joint Planning Group ( Jpg ) Essay

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The USEASTCOM Joint Planning Group (JPG) recently completed course of action (COA) development for the Defense of Tunisia contingency plan (CONPLAN). As the JPG prepared the COAs, the commander’s initial intent served to anchor the different concepts towards achieving the same purpose. I support the JPG’s initial commander’s intent, as it provides a solid basis to continue planning. This paper continues by explaining how the JPG developed the initial commander’s intent, and then provides the rationale for supporting the key elements within the intent. Enclosure 1 to this paper provides the complete narrative of the initial commander’s intent.
The JPG derived the initial commander’s intent during planning initiation, heavily focused upon design. Resulting from an appreciation for the operational environment, the problem facing USEASTCOM, and strategic guidance, the JPG included the initial commander’s intent in the recommended commander’s initial guidance. The inclusion of the initial intent with the initial commander’s guidance recognizes that the commander’s intent establishes the impetus for the entire planning process, and is the focal point for operations within the CONPLAN. The impetus for planning led into mission analysis, and the JPG further refined the focus within initial intent based on guidance and comments received during the commander’s planning guidance briefing.
The JPG’s initial commander’s intent follow’s joint doctrine and describes the purpose of the…

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