The Johnson And Johnson 's Decision Making A Successful Business

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products in the Midwest. But, instead the executives made the best decision that could have been made. Recalling the product worldwide only showed where their morals and values lied. This is important to run a successful business. When considering opening a business there is a must to define the company’s belief. The Johnson & Johnson credo let the consumer see they are an organized company. They are dedicated to not only to their consumers, but their product. Being optimistic in the recall of the product, is what made them determined to come back stronger and better. Most of all, the quick decisive decision making, not being afraid to show a human side and in showing they care about people. Johnson and Johnson would have more than likely been ruined if they did not recall Tylenol worldwide. Morally Johnson & Johnson could have only recalled the Tylenols where the deaths occurred and company would not have lost so much money on the recall. As far as the stakeholders, whichever way the company chose to go the stakeholders would lose money. Realizing that the consumer is their most important commodity, Johnson & Johnson knew they were the ones to be satisfied. Without the consumer, there would be no business. Within a year the sales had resumed back to where they were before the crisis. Once again the world’s favorite over the counter pain reliever was back on the shelf. “After spending about $62 million on promotions, Tylenol recaptured 85 percent of its prior market share…

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