The Job Of An Instructional Coach Coaching Essay

1107 Words Dec 19th, 2016 5 Pages
Project Week Three
Ernestine Brodie
Walden University

The job within the early childhood/child development profession that I found to be interesting was the Early Childhood Program Trainer/Coach/Professional development coach/Instructional Coach job. Some early childhood professionals use the words program trainer, program coach, or instructional coach, but all of the titles perform the same duties within the field. For the purposes of this paper I will be referring to the job as an instructional coach. The job description for an early childhood instructional coach position shows that they have a number of responsibilities to do an effective job. Recognize the unique abilities of individuals and assist others in valuing everyone’s contributions; encourage, support, motivate, and work interactively with teachers/caregivers to develop and implement ongoing goals; support the teacher/caregiver to provide environments and opportunities which promote the child’s growth and development for any of the developmental domains, (language and literacy, health and physical development, approaches to learning, social emotional development, creative arts, science, mathematics); assist teachers/caregivers to structure environments, routines and interactions that contribute to positive social-emotional outcomes for the children and families in a program; focus on specific tasks, skills or techniques which can be mastered and measured; assist teachers/caregivers to structure…

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