The Jewish Population Of Europe Throughout History Essay

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Christian writings have been used to demonize the Jewish population of Europe throughout history. This was no different during the Nazi regime in Germany and this is discussed in detail in Demonizing the Jews Luther and the Protestant Church in Nazi Germany by Christopher J. Probst a visiting assistant professor of modern European history at Saint Louis University. The author has written an analysis that provides insight into the how German Protestants used the anti-Jewish writings of Protestant reformer Martin Luther within the Third Reich.
The author draws heavily from Gavin Langmuir when it comes to the distinction between two different viewpoints in terms of resentment of the Jews. The first viewpoint is prejudice that is based in theological difference and symbolic differences which are ever present and so therefore they are considered to be rational thoughts referred as non-rational anti-Judaism. The second point of view is based on untrue and slanderous beliefs no based in frame of a rational mindset which is referred to as irrational antisemitism.
The author does pose the question of why was there a lackluster reaction to the Anti-Jewish policies enacted in Germany by German Protestants was because of the writings of Martin Luther used by Protestant pastors to cast dispersions on Judaism this is apparent in the book when Pastor Heinrich Fausel gives a lecture discussing The Jewish Question, Fausel used examples from Martin Luther’s writings against Jews. Fausel is…

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