The Jewish Faith Essay

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The Ancient Hebrew identity was maintained through a deep spiritual conviction expressed in terms of a covenant theology, ‘ the belief that Yahweh had chosen them to play a unique role in the history of the world’. (Hall, 2014 p1) Those who presented themselves as Pious Jews, worshiped the God who was worshiped in Jerusalem, and accepted that the Torah, enshrined in the Pentateuch, encapsulated this covenant. (Goodman 2011 p22) Many believed a Messiah would be sent by God, however there was not a consensus among the Jews as to the mission and role of this Messiah. (Hanson, 1988 p1219) Around the time of Jesus, Politics and Religion were entwined and a two-tiered system of government had been established in Palestine. This government consisted of Jewish leaders from the Herodian dynasty as well as Roman overseers. (Hall, 2014 p2) Fractions/Factions of the Jewish faith began emerging as a result of conflict over the interpretation of the Torah. (Goodman, 2011 p22) By the time of Jesus’ birth, ‘the various religious and social groups began to take on clear definition’. (Senior, 1992 p35)

Some of the social and Religious groups that were known to have existed in the time of Jesus were; the Scribes who settled disputes and questions regarding the Laws of Moses as well as teaching in the Synagogues and were both writers and jurists who, not making up an official party of their own, held positions ranging from copyists, religious intellectuals, scholars and advisers to the…

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