The, It 's Not Cancer Essay

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Jim’s eyes continued a left to right and back again scan of the parking lot as if caught in a perverse video game of Pong between his graying temples. He sat in the sparkling cherry red mustang caressing the leather covered sport steering wheel with his left hand and gently stroking the power shifter which protruded from the console with his right. He breathed deeply as his nostrils flared over a twisted and smug smile while the clock in the fastback’s dash read 5 p.m. Mary emerged from the building, spotted the gleaming sparkle of Jim’s new car and made a bee line toward where he waited. Her stride was deliberate yet unhurried, her expression was focused yet non-committal. She opened the passenger door and slid her slender frame into the racing seat and buckled its belt. “Well, what did the doctor say?” Jim asked, “Do you need some kind of a prescription or something?” “Well yes, but it’s not what we thought” “Oh God, it’s not cancer is it” Jim stammered. “What on earth would make you say that?” “Well, I just” “So if I’m not going through the change I must have cancer?” “No, no that’s not what I said” “It might as well have been” Mary mumbled “If it’s not menopause at my age, then it must be cancer and I’m dying.” “That’s not what I said at all” “It’s what you thought” “How the hell do you know what I thought?” “See, see you hate me and the only thing you’re capable of loving is this damn car.” “Wow, just wow… I don’t even know how to talk to you…

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